Torf Corporation is based on pharmaceutical origin, so that the awareness and standards of cosmetic production are on very high level. We also possess few patents on raw materials and technology we use.
Our company produce very unique raw material called: peat extract which is used in every product with brand name: tołpa.
We produce both: high advanced and natural dermocosmetics dedicated for selective customers and massmarket products. It allow us to follow the most innovative trends and launch them with expectation of massive customers within private label brands


Torf Corporation was established in 1989 as a small pharmaceutical company. The first product was Immunocomplex – innovative drug for stimulating immune system based on peat extract. Due to many economical changes in 1994 our company entered into cosmetic business and launch first toothpastes and health and beauty products. In 1999 we set a cooperation with the biggest retailers such as: Tesco, Metro Group, Jeronimo Martins introducing first private label products on Polish market. After few years we have developed our business on local countries and discover a lot of potential new markets for our products. Nowadays we supply our goods to Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and many others. We are no. 1 private label toothpaste manufacturer in CEE and significant supplier of health and beauty products. We produce every month around 2 million pieces of products.


Firma Torf Corporation-Fabryka Leków Sp. z o.o. jest beneficjentem programu POIG 6.1 Paszport do Eksportu w latach 2012-2014. Wartość projektu wynosi 362 250 zł. Kwota przyznanego dofinansowania wynosi 181 125 zł.

Firma Torf Corporation Fabryka Leków sp.zo.o. jest beneficjentem POIG Działanie 6.5 –Poddziałanie 6.5.2, lata 2007-2013. Projekt pt. „ Wzrost pozycji eksportowej firmy Torf Corporation na rynku światowym”. Koszt realizacji projektu wynosi 383 371,32 brutto PLN, kwota przyznanego dofinansowania – 233 763,00 PLN.

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